Best free movie making software that accepts .flv?

Question by gdfg: Best free movie making software that accepts .flv?
I’m looking for a video editing software for this short film i’m making. I’d mostly have content downloaded from Youtube plus a lot of screenshots of pages that would need panning and other zoom effects. I may also add subtitles. I don’t need any other effects, so I think a free software could well do it for me?
I use XP – SP3.
No, no, Ed, that’s not what I meant. What i’d be picking would only be non-intellectual property, like interviews, etc. And I would give due credit wherever required. I’t would be naturally implied that whatever they see in my work is just a result of research and not my own work that I have any rights on.

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Answer by Ed Fox
Sounds like you’re stealing people’s videos from YouTube then “editing” them and re-uploading them as your own work. People have lost their YouTube accounts for that

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