WebPlus X4 – Basic E-Commerce / On-line Shop /Ecommerce

In this turorial I show you how to create a basic e-commerce / on-line shop/ ecommerce. Because of the YouTube time limit I did have to rush through this video a bit, and have done this in a higher resolution than the other videos, so I didn’t spend too much time moving things out of the way etc. You should however get the prinicples in the video….if not….leave a comment and i’ll try my best to help you out. *** There is one error, the default quantity relates to the quantity of the product that will be added to the shopping basket when you click “Add to Cart” so you should leave it at 1. *** If you would like to see a tutorial of anything from MS Word, MS Excel, MS Acces, MS PowerPoint, MS OneNote, Serif WebPlus X2/X4, Serif MoviePlus X3 post it in the comments.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Produce a talk show, or training documentary that features your products, services, special prices and integrity. Market on your website as pay per click or mass duplicate dvds and sell on Amazon. Once completed and ready for sales or distribution we will write a script and draw from the best sound bytes to create a 1-3 minute promo that you can use to sell and distribute your training documentary or infomercial. . 30-90 Minute Edited Video Includes: -Incorporating existing marketing designs / concepts and develop scripting. -Green screen studio or location filming of a spokesperson using a teleprompter or voice talent dialogue. -Products and service scenarios shot using lighting. -Add motion stock images and animated titles -Create animated logo for start and end, incorporate into a motion background and throughout video Learn more. -One edited video with special effects and background music. -Personal video web site We will provide you with a custom web page and html code that you can link to from your home page, add html to a new web page, incorporate into an electronic newsletter or send in an email blast. -Master video file download link Once completed, you will be provided with a link to a zip file containing the master video file that your marketing department can convert for the web, add to a dvd or send out as b-roll. You will also receive a video converted for youtube that you can easily add to your youtube account. Group discounts are available call to learn

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