Trickster : Road to Level 100 : Character creation

This is my first commentary, i apologize for the plentiful of mistakes i made. As well id like to point out that i can see the problems with my video as well as editing. I will try to sync the audio with the video much better for future videos. I am also trying to come up with a better way of actually making the videos, a new recording software (if you guys have any good ones in mind please tell me) as well as a video editing software to use. I know how to use many because it is a focus i have in school but i cannot afford any actualy software for myself. windows movie maker is all fun and games but id prefer using a VES which does not reduce the quality of the video its editing… All in all the first video is nothing much, but iim sure i will improve as i get more comfortable with the concept of talking to myself, haha. please feel free to rate, comment and subscribe for future videos of not only this game but others as well. I mentioned this slightly in the video but i wanted to put it here as well with more details. I plan on making commentaries of other games as well as this one. If you guys have any requests for games you would like to have commentated then please leave some comments. my one request is that you dont ask for games which require payment to play. Although these games tend to be the best i cannot afford to be buying a lot of games 🙂 try and keep it free. some games i already have : -Gunz the Duel – Dofus -Atlantica online – League of legends – i will
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