The Walking Dead Episode 1: A New Day – Walkthrough Ep.6 w/Angel – Looking For The Key!

If you liked the video leave a LIKE! And let me know! Well i actually was really hyped up for this game series because i love adventure games and to mix it with zombies and one of my tv shows the walking dead is awesome and i don’t think i will be disappointed. Recent Walkthroughs! Ratchet And Clank: Quest For Booty! Halo 3! Bioshock! Halo: Reach! Xbox Gamertag: GreffX Playstation ID: FearedDemon Skype: iiExotics Subscribe To My Other Channel: Follow Me On Twitter: Add Me On Facebook: See If Im Live: GameAnyone: Just like in previous Telltale titles, the player must make use of inventory items and the environment; unlike in them, the played characters will have limited time to do so and could die in the process. The game is told from the point of view of a new character named Lee Everett, who so far has been the only controllable character in the game. Lee will however be able to interact with the other survivors and his actions will influence the plot in particular ways (like, for example, at some point Lee will have to choose whom to save from the dead, and therefore by letting the other individual perish, some of the game plot will change, while other parts will remain unchanged).

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