‘The Star Wars That I Used To Know’

necesitaba subtitular y resubir esto. arte puro Please Subscribe: www.youtube.com Here’s our spoof of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know”, done Star Wars style, of course. It’s a story of heartbreak to which Star Wars fans everywhere can relate. And even with all that heart ache, it’s still a better love story than Twilight. facebook.com/teddiefilms twitter.com/teddiefilms www.teddiefilms.com ****************************************************** CREDITS DARTH GOTYE: Tyson Apostol GEORGE L: Mike Loveland (www.ollibird.com) MUSIC ARRANGED BY Israel Curtis, Somakat.com ADDITIONAL INSTRUMENTS Josh Aker, Somakat.com DARTH VOCALS BY Israel Curtis GEORGE VOCALS BY: Ryan Richardson LYRICS BY: Eddie King Jeremy Warner, jeremywarnerclassic.com Joseph Winter CREATED AND PRODUCED BY: Teddie Films WRITTEN BY: Eddie king CINEMATOGRAPHY BY: Tyler Marshall PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT: Vanessa Winter ART: Mike and Alma Loveland, www.ollibird.com Vanessa Winter Emily Jacobson MAKEUP AND COSTUME Emily Jacobson PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS Joseph Winter Bree King Kumari Marshall ************************************************ LYRICS [DARTH:] Now and then I think of when I was in power Like choking people with the Force until they died But then you told them all my history And took away my masculinity And had my character portrayed by subpar actors. You are now addicted to an overuse of graphics And making Greedo shoot first? Han shot first. So when you tried to have the Force make sense You
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