Minecraft – The Legend of the Flint and Steel

A gentle little puzzle map made especially for Simon and Lewis! See if you can beat our score 🙂

Primitive Fire: Flint and Steel (REMAKE)

This is a primitive way to start a fire with a piece of flint (in this case it is english flint) and a steel striker (which is just a piece of carbon steel) when you strike a piece of carbon… Continue reading

Ric Steel hosts a DIY segment : “How to make CHEAP Chicken waterers at home”

Ric Steel hosts a DIY segment that shows anyone how to make cheap chicken waterers at home from a pan and a 5 gallon bucket. CAUTION: Please make sure that the holes are not big enough for a chicken to… Continue reading

What programs were used to make the movie Real Steel?

by Mhogan35

Question by someone: What programs were used to make the movie Real Steel? I just recently watched the new DreamWorks movie “Real Steel” and the robots REALLY impressed me. Any idea on which programs were used to… Continue reading

How to make a power steel slingshot with common tools

This is a tutorial video that takes you through the paces of how to make a very strong and ergonomic slingshot out of steel parts. No welding equipment is needed, just a drill and some basic tools that are very… Continue reading

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