– Startups – Tim Hyer of Rentcycle – TWiST #193

Join our new mailing list and be the first to learn about upcoming guests! Go to thisweekin.com/email. 0:00-1:00 Today on TWiST, Tim Hyer of Rentcycle is here. 1:00-3:00 We’re here today bringing you another great founder interview. How’s it going, Tyler? 3:00-3:30 To help guide the direction of the show and be first-informed about everything going on at TWiST, join the Backchannel producer program at twistlist.co. 3:30-6:00 Thank you to GoToMeeting for sponsoring the show. 6:00-7:45 On the show today is Tim Hyer of Rentcycle. Welcome Tim. 9:15-10:00 Tell our audience why Rentcycle exists. 10:45-11:30 How does this technically work? 11:30-13:30 Let’s take a look at the site and how it works. 13:30-14:30 Was it easy to win people over on the idea when you started? 14:30-16:30 Jason: Do I own stock in your company? How does that work at Founder Institute? 17:15-19:00 How many cities are you in? What’s the most expensive thing I could rent? 19:00-21:00 Was that the original business plan for Rentcycle? 21:00-23:00 Have you ever thought about having storefronts? 23:00-24:00 How did you make the decision of doing a price round vs. a convertible note? 25:30-29:15 Thank you to Squarespace for sponsoring the show. You can save 20% off for six months of service when you sign up with the code ‘TWIST10.’ 31:30-34:30 Let’s do a little role-playing. Tyler is an accomplished dev and doesn’t need to work. What do you say to him to convince him to work for you, Tim? 34:30-36:30 Jason
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