Skyrim – Warzone (Ep 3) Tonight’s Fight: 25 Frost Trolls vs. 20 Thalmor Wizards vs. ???

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Bloodvein walks you through the process of making one bad ass looking Sith Warrior. Remember, while a dislike will earn yourself one hard nipple, a Like gives you TWO hard nipples for some extreme nipply fun! DO the right thing, save a kangaroo and hit that like button! Check out Bloodvein’s Channel! Dara Mactire Website: Dara Mactire Livestream Dara Mactire Facebook: TAGS: Sith Warrior Creation swtor dara mactire pvp pve sith SWTOR Star wars the old republic The gameplay Gameplay TOR Class Guide Strategy play through in game Update Walkthrough Commentary smuggler beta 1080p HD Playthrough “Playthrough Part” “Galactic Republic” “High-definition Television”

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