ScreenFlow vs. Camtasia – The Mac Screen Capture Show Down

READ IMPORTANT!!!!!!!! Camtasia is a new and wonderful app, but does it hang with screenflow? In some ways, yes. In others, No. For one, Camtasia it takes TWICE as long to export. I dont know why but it does. Screenflow also has the advantage of Core Animation (making this a Leopard only application), Quartz Composer and a custom 64-bit ENABLED COMPRESSION SYSTEM, ScreenFlow can capture DVD playback flawless as well as 3-D game playback Camtasia doesnt have quit the control over your size and shape of the video. It scales everything relative to each other where in screenflow i can grab an edge and extend the edge without changing the size of the other edges. In Camtasia if you pull one side it scales the top and bottom also to keep it in skew. This isnt a big deal but to me, who does 100’s of screen casts, it is. Ultimately camasia captures better audio and screenflow captures smoother video. Screenflow os less choppy all around but camtasia’s transitions, great audio capture, etc make it an option to hard to refuse. It can really spoof up your screencasts with the effects included, So Im torn between super smooth video capture with screenflow and really cool effects and flawless audio capture with camtasia. If your not capturing full motion video but instead are doing tutorials or how to videos than the choppy nature of camtasia well not be seen at all. And you can love it for all its glory. Its totally smooth on everything except full motion video so if all you ever do
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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