Q&A: Why do people complain that athletes and movie stars get paid so much money?

Question by : Why do people complain that athletes and movie stars get paid so much money?
Many people (usually people like teachers who say they are not paid enough) complain about people like celebrities or athletes making millions of dollars and say they don’t deserve it.

no offense, but do these simpletons not realize that the reason they make so much money is because the sports companies and movie studios make millions of dollars a month, so of course the sports players and actors and such are going to demand to see some of that. To people realize it is THEIR fault these people make so much money because they pay to watch these people’s games or movies? Someone like Will Smith would stop getting million dollar paychecks if the next Will Smith movie flops. Which probably won’t happen
nope, I called the people who make these idiotic complaints simpletons

and don’t act like all teachers are good. The one’s that truly care about their students seem few and far betweem

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Answer by moose
No Offense- but you call teachers “simpletons”? What, are you crazy? Teachers are responsible for bringing up the next generation of this country’s rulers and law makers. You want to live in a country with a government that is even worse than it is now? Wait till all those kids grow up. What about First responders? Are firefighters too “simple” to know how to save your family’s lives and your house? Are the soldiers who give their lives for us and others to “simple ” to gladly give their life so that you can talk trash?
I agree that if people complain about the prices, then they should not go to sporting events.I also don’t go because the prices are too high.Not worth it.

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