Pelé the Beloved Dog – Pelé the Beloved Dog vs. Iblis Phase 2

Pelé the Beloved Dog managed to reach the center of the volcano after his perilous journey. Pelé the Beloved Dog found himself surrounded by a large pool of lava. Pelé the Beloved Dog felt a threatening presence underneath the lava. Suddenly, a large worm-like creature emerged and stared at Pelé the Beloved Dog. Pelé the Beloved Dog realized that he recognized this creature. It was the dastardly Matt Rodney! Rodney started to speak, “Who are you? Why do you come to this accursed place?” Rodney moved in closer. “Hmm… you look familiar. Like an old friend I have not seen in a long time.” Rodney looked down then turned away. “His heinous experiment transformed me into this… this… THING. While I am now 47 percent more powerful, not even the one percent would vote for a monster. I desired power, but I never asked for THIS!” Rodney began to get angry and circled around Pelé the Beloved Dog. “Before he discarded me like trash in this volcano, he mentioned a brown dog that was disrupting his plans. This is all your fault! You did this to me! Because of your meddling, we panicked and everything went wrong and this happened. Heheh… but now you delivered yourself to me. Now all I need to do is kill you and then he’ll have to take me back and find a way to cure me.” Rodney retreated to the far end of the pool of lava and began launching flaming rocks at Pelé the Beloved Dog. Pelé the Beloved Dog moved quickly and dodged the assault. Pelé the Beloved Dog knew that Rodney was

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