Mr. Incredible (1D Song) – Original

For every girl who’s in love with someone they can’t have. This one is for you guys. To the 1D Fandom, HI GUYS okay so the response to this song has been overwhelming like literally ridiculous. I am beyond happy that you guys like this song! I want to clear up some stuff though. This song was NOT meant for me to get noticed by One Direction. That isn’t what this is about. I wrote this song for all the fangirls out there. I have been in this fandom since the beginning and I observed what I saw on twitter/tumblr and tried to convey into words what all of you have been feeling. Whether you love One Direction, Justin Bieber, or just a boy at school I hope this song relates to you in some way. Thank you for all the support. With so much love, Ari @NewYorkGoesIn1D @NewYorkGoesIn1D on twitter ———————————————— Your face on a million billboards Your face on magazines Your eyes shine bright like diamonds I’ll never get to see You’re jetting off to London I’m stuck in this small town It’s time to face the music You’ll never be around You’ve seen it times before I’m just one of a million But could you pick me out In a crowd that keeps on filling It’s harder to know that I’ll never get a shot It’s sadder to know that where you are is where I’m not Chorus: Sign your autograph Mr. Incredible Won’t you tell me all the things that I want to hear We’re a thousand miles apart the whole world between us But you’re poster on my wall is
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