Minecraft With Herobrine!?!? – Herobrine wants me!!!!

Herobrine want me?!?!? In this episode, I finished up my house. I went mining, just for coal. I decided to enter a desert biome. That wasn’t a great idea. I was left with only two hearts, because of Herobrine. Find out more by watching the rest of the video. Thanks for watching!!! Please remember to like, comment, and subscribe! Really means a lot! Thanks to Connor for making this amazing simple intro! I really appreciate it! Do you want one? Then subscribe to him and send him a message! Thanks again! Subscribe to him! www.youtube.com Fullscreen Arcade: apply.fullscreen.net Thanks to JustJoshyFilms for making me my new cool Youtube Thumbnails and also my video page banner! Make sure to subscribe to him here: www.youtube.com Should I Live Stream? Twitter: twitter.com Email: fallengodxx@gmail.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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