Making cd’s/dvd’s of digital images?

Question by cuban_wahine: Making cd’s/dvd’s of digital images?
This is what I want to do:

Make slideshows of my digital images, add music and save them on cd’s/dvd’s to be able to play them on the dvd player.

I’m assuming that I need to buy software that does this. Can anyone suggest a good program that is very easy to use?

Someone suggested Movie Maker (since it’s already installed on my computer), but the program is not working for me. Never used it before and didn’t know I even had it! I try and open this program and it just shuts down on me. Does it need to be ‘reactivated’? How do I do this?

Best answer:

Answer by thomas b
Troy google, they might have some good software, i usually just use Nero or Kodak Easyshare

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