Let’s Play – Guild Wars 2 – Part 9 – Killed By Death

Part 9 of my ‘Let’s Play’ gameplay and commentary in the MMO, Guild Wars 2, by ArenaNet. In this episode we join Reggie as we make our way to a new hub named the Altar Brook Trading Post, where we’re tasked with helping the locals clean the place up by killing vermin and straightening up documents. We then head out the front gates into the Altar Brook Vale Trading Route where we destroy Tamini stakes and death markers, and where I come face to face with Wolves and Centaurs that seem hell-bent on making sure that I stay as un-alive as possible.. Server: Gate of Madness Sambo’s Username: SamboNZ.1796 Reggie’s Username: Regina Lacerta.9026 Part 8: www.youtube.com Part 10: www.youtube.com Pink Yeti Army Website: pinkyetiarmy.enjin.com Reggie’s Steam profile: steamcommunity.com Reggie’s LiveStream: www.twitch.tv Reggie’s Facebook: www.facebook.com www.guildwars2.com All content © ArenaNet and NCSoft
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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