I’m making VIDEOS :P?

Question by metismaiden: I’m making VIDEOS :P?
im learning to make videos and would love some tips from you yahoo geniuses!
I am using windows movie maker ( but ready to grow now)…and im wanting to add my logo to the video…so it displays..while the video is playing…can you please help me figure some easy ( hopefully free) software..but moreso EASY..where i can do this…the tool tip would be soo helpful 🙂


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Answer by Davis F
In the beginning: Simply place the picture/ video file in the beginning of the video so it plays before the movie starts.

Down in the corner: Apply a green screen to the background of the logo and download sony vegas free trial. Then take the finished video from windows movie maker and put it in vegas. After that, simply place the logo in the corner of the screen as an overlay (Another track) then size it and put it in the corner. Apply a rule to that track to remove the color green, and your all done!

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