here’s my Hulk effort. painted as usual in GIMP, great FREE painting and photo editing software. Screen recorded with CAMSTUDIO, also free. Regards, Roman.
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Vthov - Foreword (Forward) - Amongst The Stars [Official Music Video]

Get my album “Amongst The Stars” on itunes and Amazon: Network with me: Buy digital and physical copies directly from me at: Beat produced by Raprisante If you need a music video done. Email Aquareon Productions at: Lyrics: Foreword (Forward) (Verse) Hi My name is Vthov I do this for the people Music’s sugar free so you gone need to bring some equal Catch me in the sky with the eagles and the seagulls You need to know that feeble flow is not what you gone see though My people, are you ready for this Negro’s deep flow A rapper that has mastered the contraction of his ego That has a real disaster flow expansion of a sinkhole Life’s a haystack this the extraction of a needle Distraction of the people by the masses of the evil I’m a master of the craft so I’m gone have to keep it regal You snakes, I’m guaranteed to pop the weasel My flow is positive but my delivery’s medieval So if you hungry you can dine in at my bistro I’m running hard for my music faster then my feet go And that’s until my knees blow Until my shoes have weak soles I’ll speak those things for those who may have weak souls Lyrics: Amongst The Stars (Verse 1) A young CEO, on the grind. Check. Positive flow, on my mind. Check. Fresh pair of chucks on my feet. Check. I believe they can take me where I wanna go next. And where I wanna go is on your screen or tape deck, To let the people know

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