How to Sell More on Your Blog – My 2 Favorite Strategies For Crushing Conversion Percentages!

How to Sell More on Your Blog – My 2 Favorite Strategies For Crushing Conversion Percentages!

Who else is having trouble selling stuff on their blog? If you are like most of the people who are reading this right now, the simple truth is that your blog is simply NOT making you any money! And no matter how hard you try to get new visitors, add more content or even switch up affiliate programs… you are still having a hard time hurdling to the obstacle of converting more of your “eyeballs” into buyers. Any of this sound familiar? If it does… I’ve written this article with YOU in mind! Continue reading as we take a closer look below!

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Want to know the truth? In a recent study published online, only about 11% of people admitted to clicking on ads on blogs and web sites… ESPECIALLY ads that appeared to be advertisements. (which… if you are running popular network creative on your blog… you probably are showing your visitors) And considering that MOST blog’s are running these ads in the sidebar, it’s no surprise that most of your visitors, especially on affiliate related blogs are NOT clicking through. The easiest way to change this?

Use template hooks and insert your creative’s within the posts themselves. (hint… TEXT based call’s to action work wonderfully well for this… and often can TRIPLE the conversion that a typical sidebar graphical ad will get)

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Honestly? Ever hear that old adage about the burning movie theater? If you give people too MANY options, they invariably choose none… and freeze! (no pun intended..:-) If you give people too many ad’s to click on your blog, they’ll end up clicking NONE of them… and simply become overwhelmed and go away. My approach? Keep it super simple…AND segmented! If you have a diet blog? Run ONE ad campaign, per blog… PER vendor you are promoting. Keep all of the creative’s ABOVE the fold when possible, and don’t push competing products. (i.e. – don’t run two different diet advertisers next to each other… it simply doesn’t work)

Another quick tip? If you MUST run a bunch of different creatives, use a FREE ad network script like OpenX which will rotate your ads for you… and you can see which ones are getting the best CTR all in one place. Stick with the best… discard the rest, and keep building a big buck blog network that keeps the bling coming in..:-)

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Question by αяτςγ ραητς: How do you sell your script to a company…?
and how do you get to direct it yourself? I want to be a filmmaker, write my own movies by myself, and direct it by myself!

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Not going to happen. You can either sell your script, or try to get a job as a director. You can’t do both, unless you’ve got financial backing and years of directing experience.

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