How To Move Hack in WWF No Mercy

Pause where you need to. Learn to hack moves in 2 minutes. Recognize the addresses. I circle them for you, but if you still dont understand, I’ll explain them here. In your memory editor, itll always start with 8006 then: B454 – The move player 1 is doing B456 – The frame you want to splice the move into another B460, B462 – both tie in together to ID the move you want to splice into. B514 – same as B454, except for player 2. The value will always be 1 number higher, because thats the ID of the move being taken. The value 3A46 was for player 1, doing the move, so the value 3A47 is the ID for whoever is taking the move. B516 – same as B456, unless you want player 2’s transition to happen later, or earlier. This one is for player 2 though, and B456 is for player 1. B520, B522 – again, what player 2 splices into. When creating the hack, you need to change the 8006 to D106 for B454/6 and B514/. Change it to 8106 for B460/2 and B520/2. —————————————- In the video, when I searched for the addy 8006B454, there were 8 digits next to it (I circled them in red in the video). The first 4 digits belong to B454, and the second 4 belong to B456. The value i found for B454 is 3A46, the move ID The next for digits is the value for B456, which is 0014, and thats the frame I stopped the move at. Then you see what move you want Player 1 to splice into, in the video its the somersault kick. I looked up 8006B460. The 8 digits next to it were 00E2222C. Again, the

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