How to Green Screen Free in Windows Movie Maker NO DOWNLOADS! [Tutorial]

CLICK MORE INFO ^^^^^^^^ PLEASE READ Please visit my website for the code and a question/answer FAQ so that I dont get so many comments with questions. Remember I won’t answer broad questions such as “Why isn’t it working?” or “There is no transition” If you didn’t really understand steps 2 and 3, here is an explaination. Open Notepad. Go to my website (there is a link in the video description) and copy the code that is there. Go back to notepad and paste it. Then click File, Save As. Now type in “bluescreen.xml” (without the quotes). Now locate the folder shown in step three. If AddOnTFX is not there, you must go into the folder “Shared” create AddOnTFX by right clicking and selecting “New Folder”. Now go into AddOnTFX and click save. Hope this helps.
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