Hates Making Decisions??? ?

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Question by ANNOYED: Hates Making Decisions??? ?
Okay, I recently started dating this guy that I work with (we are co-workers and it’s recommended that co-workers don’t date) anyway, we kissed and I asked him if he wanted to start dating and he got really nervous and couldn’t decide.
I then asked him if he liked me and to forget about everything else, because taking a risk is better then doing nothing he said he did, and we decided to start dating.
But the problem is he just got out of a two year relationship and I was talking to his girlfriend (when I told him about this he got really mad) anyway she said that he can not make decisions and that is why they split, she said he even has trouble choosing a movie and relies on others.

I think are relationship may be a bad idea, but even if it is I want to help him become more independent, his ex also said this was his fathers fault for criticizing every decision he made as a child.

How can I help him to become more independent?
everyone has feelings, so lately I have been trying to get him to talk about feelings then making a decision based on that rather then facts.

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Answer by WHO CARES
Why are you feeling like it’s your job to fix him?? It’s up to him to take the matter into his own hands and figure out what to do. And I wouldn’t have liked it either if my DATE talked to my ex about me. Theres always 2 sides to a story. You haven’t heard the other side.

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