Gabe Graduating Parris Island USMC Boot Camp 2/29/08 Pt1

UPDATE! GABE’ S NOW BACK HOME! AND SAFE ON US GROUND ! HERE IS THE LINK TO THE NEW VIDEO : IRAQ until Oct 09. His MOS is Infantry- Rifle Man. Keep him in your thoughts Also my gradmother is the video passed away april 19th 2009, while gabe was deployed. We miss her My Brother Gabe Graduating Parris Island SC USMC Boot Camp 2/29/2008 3rd Btl. Kilo Co. Pltn. 3022. It was one of the hardest things he has ever done in his life but said it was the most rewarding. I hope this video helps other families that are awaiting their son or daughter to graduate Parris Island as well and to bring home their new Marine. The transformation is something that is worth the long wait! LOOK AT MY PART 2 VIDEO- Please Rate! Gabes Graduation- I didnt get much sleep the night before, the long flights and lay overs seemed to not matter, nor did the unwelcoming hotel room. everything that would normally drive me up the wall subsided to my anxiety and longing to see my brother. we woke up 5 hrs latter and headed to Parris Island arriving on base at 6:45am we saw the crowd surrounding the parade deck where the Motivational Run was starting(AKA the Moto Run: A opportunity to see your new Marine participate in the last run with their platoon. You watch them from the sidelines like a parade) The pressure was to tight in my chest I could hardly breath, we got as close as we could and tried to pick out Gabe. As the Parade started it all felt in slow motion… I was

I was bored. I know this was old, but it’s really funny and cute. I want it to be “rediscovered”. haha. This was during Super Adonis Camp, Eunhyuk Cam.I think this is the first time they announced “We’re Eunhae!” They also had a discussion about Eunhyuk’s cell phone screen name. “I’m A can…?” Enjoy 😀 credits go to LeeHOT7 (correct me if im wrong). muish for subs.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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