[For Beta 1.5_01] Pistons Download Tutorial and Demo – w/ clear commentary (Minecraft mod)

WinRAR: rarlab.com Pistons forum thread: www.minecraftforum.net Welcome back to one of my tutorial videos! I present to you my favourite mod, Pistons, and how to download + install it. Problem Solving If you are having any problems, make sure you deleted META-INF, and it you still have problems, follow this guide: go to .minecraft like I show you in the video, and move “texture packs” and “saves” into another file if you want to keep them. Now, after making sure Minecraft (the game) is closed delete .minecraft. Now, launch the game again, log in and it will download all the Minecraft files again. Go back into .minecraft and put the saves and texture packs back in after deleting the new, empty saves and texture packs that are in .minecraft. So, you can now rewatch the video and try installing the mod again. Can’t delete META-INF? press ctrl+alt+delete and go to task manager. Go to the processes tab and find something with Java SE binary in it. Click on that and click “end process”. Now, you can delete META-INF without any problems.

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