Dunk & Forzie Play Minecraft – S1 Ep. 20 (Adventure Map) [ Minecraft 1.6.6 On Xbox 360 ]

Immense Z. Dunk & Forzie Play Minecraft (Let’s Play Minecraft). Season 1: Episode 20. A dual series on the xbox 360 edition of Minecraft. Dunk & Forzie Minecraft Xbox 360 World Download: www2.zshare.ma www.gamefront.com How to install: Download the world from either of the two links above. & Follow the tutorial from the video link below. www.youtube.com Incase you don’t understand the video instructions here are the steps to follow: 1. Download the world from either of the two links above. 2. Plug your USB into your xbox. 3. Move your Xbox live profile from your xbox Harddrive to your USB. 4. Plug your USB into your computer. 5. Download Horizon download.cnet.com 6. Load up your profile 7. Inject the world download file into your profile. 8. Rehash & resign. 9. Plug your USB back into your xbox. 10. Move your Xbox live profile from your USB back to your xbox Harddrive. 11. Enjoy. Sorry if the background sounds are a bit loud, this is the first episode we have done after the patch & it reset all the audio settings I had. Also obviously I used the duplication glitch to make this adventure map thing 😛 We are using the duplication glitch only for building big structures & making the TNT, as there currently isn’t creative mode which kinda sucks, but our adventure items are kept seperate from the duplicated stuff so when we do adventure episodes we only have & use the items we have found & collected whilst mining. You can now subscribe to the series for Dunk & Forzie Play
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