Breaking River Bays Rep. (A Sims 3 Series) {{OPEN}}

Welcome to the description box. The story- Seven teens living in a town called River Bay all know that the town is full of love and couples. But pretty much being the only people in town that aren’t being seen making out in the grocery store parking lot, it’s kinda weird. So to to the change the whole “River Bay Love Reputation” thing…they are gonna have to prove love is only seen in the movies. Lines: Clare Garnett- (female) Line 1: I’m like CRAVING french fries. Anyone else? Line 2: (tired) Oh yea..(yawn)..I understand. Line 3: (freaking out) Spider holy shit! Someone kill it now! Santana Milarch- ~Mil-arc~ (female) Line 1: I could go for some french onion soup. Line 2: (on the phone, annoyed) No mom..I’m fine..just pick me up at the school around seven okay? Line 3: (pissed) Fuck off, you’re such a damn nusence! Aiden Mawsell- (male) Line 1: Of course I love you babe. Line 2: (annoyed) Scary Movie marathon, shut up! Line 3: (panting, beacuse he was running) Wait..(breathes heavily) Clare! I have a question! Regina Blake (if you can do a squeaky voice you’re most likely to get the part) (female) Line 1: (bitchy) He’s my boyfriend so go find your own. But since your ugly than good luck with that. Line 2: (flirting) Can you come upstairs for a sec. I need help lifting something. Line 3: (studying herself) Yea I know. I’m so gourgeous. Cassidy Harris- (female) Line 1: (dumb sounding) Uh yea, of course, ok wait, what? Line 2: You are really super duper pretty. Line 3

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