Boston Celtics Vs Orlando Magic Game 3 NBA PLAYOFFS 2010 5/23/10

Celtics:94 Magic:71 Series Celtics Lead 3-0. If that word’s meaning resembles that of “complete and total annihilation”, you’re on the right track. There are just too many things that the Boston Celtics did better than the Orlando Magic to single out technical reasons for their 94-71 Game 3 victory. They shot better, helped on defense better, found the open man better and just about anything else you can think of. But above all, the reason the Celtics are now four quarters away from returning to the NBA Finals is simple: they fought harder. Sure, it’s a sports clich to say that one team just wanted it more — and really, both teams “wanted” to win — but the Celtics showed it, and everyone saw it. “Our heart, it seemed like it wasn’t into it,” Dwight Howard said. “They played harder and wanted it,” Matt Barnes said. “I just didn’t think we stayed with the fight very well at all,” Magic coach Stan Van Gundy said. You don’t hold an opponent to 74.6 points per 100 possessions through three quarters without battling, nor do you get the opponent’s coach talking about keeping his team from escaping if you aren’t breathing fire. But the most talked-about sequence of the game, one single first-half possession, encapsulated everything. With 8:37 to play in the second quarter, with the Celtics already out to a 17-point lead, JJ Redick threw an errant pass to Mickael Pietrus that was deflected far into the backcourt. Chasing was Jason Williams, who loped after the ball, either
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