XBMC Full Tutorial part 4 (install icefilm, fastpasstv and navi-x)

This is the part 4 video for full tutorial of XBMC witch i show u how to install video addons (icefilm,fastpasstv, navi-x) want to see 1000 of free movie and tv show 1- Run XBMC 2- go to the directory where u save the XBMC package (link in video part 2) 3- go to addon — install from zip file click enter then browse to xbmc package —- video addons then select one hit enter and go to get addon to install it do the same with fastpasstv and navi-x 4- the icefilm addons need some configuration so go to video— addons— select icefilm then click on C in ur keyboard a list of command will pop up click on add on setting then put ur megaupload username and password (this option will reduce the upload time from 45 s to 25 s ) 5- when u use icefilm every time a message appears saying script failed or video plugin failed all u have to do is extract test zip file and copy the folder in C:\Users\your username \AppData\Roaming\XBMC \addons and accept for replace or update then ur problem is solved thanks for watching and enjoooooy
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