X-Men: First Class movie?

Question by Myke: X-Men: First Class movie?
What’s the point of yet a prequel if the trilogy was already sent to hell in a picnic basket? IMO it’s a waste of money. Why not just do a reboot like Spider-Man and start fresh? Reintroduce the characters and all that jazz?

In First Class, Hank/Beast is to make an appearance, but not Jean and Scott. Of course, Bobby/Iceman and Warren/Angel wouldn’t make an appearance in this seeing as Bobby was introduced as a teen in X-Men and Angel just now joining the X-Men at the end of Last Stand. Alex Summers/Havok is also to appear, yet Scott doesn’t? And Scott is the eldest brother? I can say that I’m excited to see the Hellfire Club, namely Emma Frost. But she appeared in Wolverine’s Origins movie and was only a kid and with Xavier making a cameo wheelchair bound, the time frame is all off and makes no sense at all >.< All I really want to know is...why just not a safe reboot? I know the movies are in a Universe of their own and sometimes hardly ever follow the 616 Universe, because it's supposedly for those who don't read the comics, but why change so much? Even if they did follow the comics, those who don't read them and watch the movies wouldn't know either way so why waste the effort changing everything? Trying not to be narrow-minded but it's aggravating to see your favorite comic characters trashed >.< Best answer:

Answer by Nadia

I don’t really have an opinion on the reboot, but check out that board above.

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