Work Force for Making A Movie?

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Question by Edward Betteridge: Work Force for Making A Movie?
I wasn’t sure how to phrase this question, what i mean is what jobs are there people do in the production of making a professional move, harry potter for example. i would like to know things like the departments there are i.e. sound, visual effects, etc. and the individual jobs (as detailed as possible) i.e. director, producer, chief blah blah blah etc.

as well as the full detail, i would like to know what the bare minimum is (of cause you can’t do more than one job though).

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Answer by mike.dennis_belgium
hi there,

here are some job description for a “normal commercial” movie :

If you are looking to see what you need to make a movie yourself (– independent movie),
then you don’t need all that much, just some guys/gals who know what they’re doing.

!! on a commercial movie there can be between 200 to 1000+ people working in different areas.

!! a film you make yourself you only need a few handful of motivated people (with of course the necessary skills)

Mike Dennis.

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