When Barack Obama Was Born in 1961 Can you Relate?

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Question by rwpete63: When Barack Obama Was Born in 1961 Can you Relate?
1961 The cold war continued to worsen with the USSR exploding some very large bombs during testing and then masterminding the building of the Berlin Wall separating East from West Berlin, America sent a battle group to Germany and Americans and Russians Glared at each other across the border, due to this uncertainty many Americans built backyard fallout shelters incase of nuclear war. To make matters worse the Americans financed anti-Castro Cubans for an invasion at the bay of pigs which was an unmitigated disaster. The Soviets put the first man in space in April Yuri Gagarin followed by the US in May with Alan Shepard. popular music included Chubby Checkers “The Twist” and top movies included “West Side Story” and “The Parent Trap” .

Cost Of Living 1961

How Much things cost in 1961
Yearly Inflation Rate USA 1.07%
Yearly Inflation Rate UK 2.9%
Average Cost of new house $ 12,500.00
Average Income per year $ 5,315.00
Cost of a gallon of Gas 27 cents
Average Cost of a new car $ 2,850.00
Bacon for 1LB 67 cents
Eggs per dozen 30 cents
Below are some Prices for UK guides in Pounds Stirling

Average House Price 2,770

What Events Happened In 1961

Fidel Castro declares Cuba is to adopt Communism and bans free elections
US Cuban Exiles and CIA mount unsuccessful attempt to overthrow Castro known as the ( Bay of Pigs )
John F. Kennedy inaugurated as President of the United States
President John F. Kennedy advises American families to build bomb shelters
The Peace Corps is established by John F. Kennedy
President Kennedy asks Congress for $ 531 million to put a man on the moon
Race Riots in Cities throughout the United States
The Xingu National Park is created in Brazil
Britain applies for membership of the EEC
Segregation on railways in the south ends
Texas Sales Tax Introduced
Construction of the Berlin Wall begins.
East German Authorities close the border between east and west Berlin
UN General Assembly condemns Apartheid
Estimate of the Worlds Population reaches 4 billion
Farthings no longer legal tender in Britain
South Africa becomes an independent republic.
Last Journey of The Orient Express Paris – Bucharest
The first six flags theme parks opens “Six Flags Over Texas” at Arlington, Texas
Amnesty International Started in United Kingdom
The Antarctic Treaty System comes into force to regulate international relations with respect to Antarctica to ensure in the interests of all mankind that Antarctica shall continue forever to be used exclusively for peaceful purposes
Pampers the first disposable diaper are introduced
Members of the Portuguese leftist movement hijack The luxury cruise liner “Santa Maria”.
Members of The UK Portland Spy Ring are found guilty of selling plans of the HMS Dreadnought, Britain’s first nuclear submarine to the Russians
During the Monza Italian Grand Prix Race Baron Wolfgang von Trips Ferrari crashes off the track onto embankment filled with spectators killing 14 plus the driver.
The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) started
“Freedom Riders” test the United States Supreme Court decision Boynton v. Virginia on May 20th , over local segregation ordinances

Popular Culture

The farthing coin, used since the 13th century, ceases to be legal tender in the United Kingdom.
British satirical magazine Private Eyeis published for first time
The Jerk , the Frug , the Pony become popular dances
Black and white 5 pound notes cease to be a legal tender in the UK
Popular Films

The Guns of Navarone
The Parent Trap
The Absent-Minded Professor
The Alamo
Swiss Family Robinson
101 Dalmatians
Breakfast at Tiffany’s
El Cid
West Side Story
Popular TV

Mister Ed
The Avengers

Technology 1961

Yuri Gagarin is the first human in space.

The First inflight movie is shown on TWA

The First electric toothbrush is produced Squibb Co.

Alan Shepard makes first US Space Flight

Niagra Falls starts producing hydroelectric power

The first quasar is discovered by Allan Sandage at Mt Palomar, California

IBM introduces the Selectric typewriterGolfball

Inventions Invented by Inventors and Country ( or attributed to First Use )
Human Space Travel Russia Yuri Gagarin – the first human in space

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