What are the best forums and places to advertise my youtube channel?

Question by Raven Rage: What are the best forums and places to advertise my youtube channel?
I have a lot of videos on my youtube channel. I need to get more views, ratings, comments, requests, insights, whatever. I just want a nice put out of views so I can get more requests, help from people (the viewers have taught me alot about making videos), and all of that.

I make rant videos, guitar gear reviews (Guitars, amps, pedals, ect.), video game reviews (series: Video Game Hell, Video Game Heaven), Movie Reviews (worst movies ever, great movies you’ve never heard of), spoofts (earthworm jim goes to hell, Luigi goes to hell), and many others. So I have a video or at least 10 for anybody!!

Where is a forum or area I can put out my link to the page so I can get more exposure. I know the fans out there have helped me by sending the vids to they’re friends, and then helping me. I reply to comments, PM’s, and all of that within like 30 minutes of it being posted so I am not a view or subscriber whore. I really communicate with the people who watch.

So where is somewhere I could post it?!


If you have a youtube can you help me out by sending my vids to people also? I promise i’ll do the same for you, or help you in some way. I also do alot of collabs which help people with exposure and give them better quality vids!!!!!!

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Answer by fine



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