[Video Tutorial] Custom animation into source film maker using Maya

Requirements: Maya running source plugin (see below) and fbx plugin, SFM, Source SDK Optional: Another animation programme of your choice. If you get no animation in maya when importing then you need to bake your animation, with motionbuilder its done with the plot option, in max you can just export to smd then re-import it. This method can also be applied to props. You can use .SMD files instead of maya scenes for props and probobally hl2 characters (havnt tried yet), but not tf2 player models. To run maya with the plugin enabled, you must start maya with the bat file in your steam\steamapps\username\sourcesdk\maya\version\ folder Then to enable them, in maya go to window – settings/preferences – Plug-in manager. and check vstUtils.mll, VsMaster.mll, vstSmdiO.mll, fbxmaya.mll
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