β˜… The Secret World β˜… – How to craft a Glyph

A guide to making glyphs in game πŸ™‚ I am learning how to do this myself. The instructional quest for making a weapon is called The Occultist’s Cookbook ( Do explore and post here if you find out anything more… Continue reading

Secret Piano Battle

Complete piano battle scene from the movie Secret between Jay Chou and the “Prince of Piano”. English subtitled. Songs include the Black Key Etude and Waltz in c-sharp minor by Chopin. δΈθƒ½θ―΄ηš„η§˜ε―†

Binary Domain – Walkthrough (Part 23) – Chapter 4-4 – Refuse and Resist: Secret Resistance Base

Dan has arrived at the resistance hideout. Faye gets treatment for her injuries. Chapter 4 – Refuse and Resist Scene : Secret Resistance Base (this is part 1 of 3 of this scene) Please remember to LIKE the video. It… Continue reading

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, An Opensky Thanksgiving

On today’s Daily Brief Chloe recaps the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, discovers why several Navy Seals have been punished and checks out a few Thanksgiving essentials from some of the world’s top chefs! First up, there was nothing secret about… Continue reading

Dare MattG – 38 ( Drinking windex in public prank, Victorias secret, Ghosts)

VOTE FOR ME FOR KING OF THE WEB you can vote 10 times a day Special thanks to: Ethan Smith Victorias secret music by: 3Manik Song Used: Wind Deer Horrible thing ever music… Continue reading

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