Mount & Blade Warband – E065 – Two Tournaments

On her way home from the north, Violet has some battles with the Vaegirs, who have even more troubled times ahead when the Khergits besiege their last town. Violet leaves the Khergits to have their fun with the siege, and… Continue reading

Mount & Blade Warband – E016 – Destroy Bandit Lair

Violet returns the kidnapped girl home and claims her reward. After the local lord promises her a reward, Violet takes a small pack of elite soldiers and raids the nearby bandit lair. The generous reward for the Tonju’s quest and… Continue reading

Mount & Blade Warband – E148 – Trading and Tons of Tournament Fails

The truce with the Nords gives Violet an opportunity to do some trading to improve the state of kingdom’s treasury and train troops while at it. The long war had it’s toll on Violet and her tournament skills aren’t what… Continue reading

Mount & Blade Warband – E036 – The First War

War is upon Violet and her troops for the first time… The Nords have besieged Almerra Castle with over 500 men, but the Sarranids ride to defend it with 650 of their own. Together with the other Sarranid armies, Violet… Continue reading

Mount & Blade with Fire & Sword – Part 3 – Finding Companions II [S02E03]

Let’s play Mount & Blade with Fire & Sword (Series 2). Karl continues looking for the heroes of the land to join him. Between going through the pubs and taverns, Karl makes some profitable trades at the marketplaces of the… Continue reading

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