Ableton Live chopping samples manually into Drum Racks quickly showing how to manually chop samples into drum racks quickly in Ableton Live. This is in response to my other video showing how to automatically chop by using “slice to midi” This method let’s you chop the pieces you… Continue reading

Red Light Comedy Live From Amsterdam Volume One

Hosted by Russell Peters, Red Light Comedy is shot in historic Amsterdam and brings together 24 of the world’s funniest stand-up comedians for one unforgettable comedy event. Red Light Comedy features talent from the UK, South Africa, Australia, India, Ireland,… Continue reading

Windows Live Movie Maker Quick Tutorial

Windows Live Movie Maker Quick Tutorial Video Rating: 0 / 5

Brought to you by Luca’s alpha transitions are compatible with most editing and compositing apps including Premiere Pro and Avid Media Composer. This tutorial shows you how to… Continue reading

Linus Tech Tips Live Show Archive – January 25, 2013

Cloud gaming 2:45 legacy computers 3:30 nvidia 690 replacement rumour 14:35 intel no longer making motherboards 25:50 Gaming consolidation 30:27 Intel phones 39:35 Linus running windows 8 phone 40:04 Elderscrolls MMO + The mainstream adaptation of MMO 43:33 Linksys taken… Continue reading

Battlefield 3 – Operation Drinking Game (EP1) BF3 Live Face Cam Gameplay Commentary

Follow me on TWITTER! | Join me on STEAM | Like me on FACEBOOK | Watch me on LIVESTREAM | Add me on GOOGLE+ | Subscribe to me on YOUTUBE | Pin me on… Continue reading

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