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How To Choose Kitchen Paint Colors – Kitchen Wall Painting Ideas ► Nadia’s tips on choosing the right kitchen paint colors: ○ Picking Colors and Materials – Go with warm tones that compliment your cabinets – Get color inspiration from the foods you regularly leave on display – Consider wallpaper… Continue reading

3 Spooky and Fun Ideas For New Moon Party Favors

by Mammaoca2008

3 Spooky and Fun Ideas For New Moon Party Favors

This fall one of the hottest party themes will be based of New Moon. New Moon is the second installation in the Twilight book and movie series. The… Continue reading

Networked Society Shaping Ideas

We are all living through the early stages of an extraordinary revolution. Connecting not just people but communities, systems and intelligence. Enabling us to collaborate, innovate, sustain, learn, care and participate. When one person connects their life changes. With everything… Continue reading

What We Know So Far! ZOMBIES + Multiplayer! (FACTS + IDEAS)

NOTES: – Black Ops II, not 2. – 1/3 of the game in late 80s. Old characters – Mason, Hudson, woods. – 2/3 in 2025. – A good deal of the 1980’s action will take place during proxy wars in… Continue reading

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