Source SDK Water doesn’t work, Leaks and holes

Can’t find the tutorial you need? Visit here For further help, ask on these forums Probably the most common problem in the WHOLE world, your water doesn’t show up when you make a map. To save you some time and effort, here are the things to fix it… 1) Make sure your map can’t escape into the nothingness surrounding it 2) Don’t carve. Please, it isn’t clever. Really. 3) Just make a massive skybox around your map to be sure. Remember to follow the grid at all times. There is no reason NOT to, don’t make walls 1 thickness, don’t let things overlap each other, make it like you would a brick wall.
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GIMP Patterns Tutorial: Offset tiles

If you don’t want to make the pattern yourself, you can download the one I made here: The glossy metal 3d text tutorial: GIMP is an open source (free) image editing program with many of the same features as Adobe Photoshop. This video was recorded and edited with the following free programs: CamStudio Audacity VirtualDub
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