salt the movie review!!?

Question by Outsider: salt the movie review!!?
I saw salt earlier tonight and was not sure what to expect, but i did know it was another great spy movie with angelina jolie. This move delivered more then expected, it was action packed, thrilling, jaw dropping, and had alot of Twists in the movie. You really need to pay attention to this movie to get the plot because it is a mastermind plot. Many things will change your opinion throughout the movie till the ending. The action is non-stop and something always lurking around the corner. Many people get killed and salt uses so many tools to turn into a lethal weapon. The ending is set up to deffinatly make it look like there is a part 2, because of the way it ended you just want to see more. She plays good guy and bad guy in this movie witch makes her look super hot….Once again AMAZING movie… enjoy

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Answer by Kristin
Thanks for the review…can’t wait to see it!

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