Resident Evil Outbreak “The Movie” (Part 2)

Well, here it is. Part 2. Took me long enough, right? Anyway, I did this part completely on my own, so I fear it may not be as good. It also turned out a bit long, so I had to skip over a couple small not-so-important parts. I don’t think I will be making a part 3, if you care about the story of the Outbreak games then please go to my “Biohazard: Outbreak Online” playlist on my channel and watch the videos there. Every cutscene is kept intact on them. ——————————- CREDITS ——————————- Resident Evil, this game, and all it’s characters were made and are owned by CAPCOM. All the extra songs used in this video include… “Darkness” by Aesema Daeva “A gathering of shades” by Aesema Daeva “As the Night Falls” by God Module “Illusion” by God Module “Enigma” by Trapt Part 1:

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