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Buddy Love (Eddie Murphy) impresses Carla (Jada Pinkett Smith) by heckling Reggie (Dave Chapelle) on stage with jokes and throwing him into a piano. TM & © Universal (2011) Buy Movie: Scene: Reggie Has Left the Building! – Movie Details: The Nutty Professor (1996) – Cast: Dave Chappelle, Eddie Murphy, Jada Pinkett Smith Director: Tom Shadyac Producer: Brian Grazer, James D. Brubaker, Jerry Lewis, Karen Kehela, Russell Simmons Screenwriter: Barry W. Blaustein, Bill Richmond, David Sheffield, Jerry Lewis, Steve Oedekerk, Tom Shadyac Film Description: The Nutty Professor is a 1996 science fiction-romantic comedy film starring Eddie Murphy. It is a remake of the 1963 film of the same name, starring Jerry Lewis. The original music score was composed by David Newman. The film won an Academy Award for Makeup Murphy plays benevolent university professor Sherman Klump, who is morbidly obese. He invents a miracle weight-loss potion and, hoping to win the affection of the girl of his dreams, tries it on himself. Social situations demand that he call himself by a different name while he is using the potion and his slim self becomes an independent personality. Like the original film’s Julius Kelp, Klump’s trim and stylish (but arrogant) alter ego is also named Buddy Love. Murphy plays a total of seven characters in the film, including Sherman, most of Sherman’s family (except for his nephew, Ernie “Hercules” Klump Jr. played by actor Jamal
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