Q&A: Do you think it is immoral for a man to use rape survivor forums as a place for him to satisfy his fantasies?

Question by Fan Henick: Do you think it is immoral for a man to use rape survivor forums as a place for him to satisfy his fantasies?
Do you think it is immoral for a man to use rape survivor forums as a place for him to satisfy his fantasies

I have been arousing myself to rape fantasies since I was 4 years old if not younger. It is common for young boys to pleasure their genitals but then stop until puberty during the latency period. But I guess I never stopped. So I mean I’ve been into it my whole life. I mean it started with me arousing myself not to sex but to just the idea of pain and humiliation. Around 10 I got focused on the idea of girls being hurt and humiliated by being stripped to their underwear and it just got more violent and brutal from there.

My mom caught some of my rape porn in the 5th grade and said she never wanted to see it again, although she caught me a few more times later. I got in trouble in 6th grade for making this “plan” to sexually harass a girl and force her to show her boobs and having all the boys in the grade sign their names to the list to show they were in on the plan. My name was at the top. But I mean it was just an innocent childish joke. I wasn’t even in a class when I got caught. We were just laughing at it, and a teacher grabbed it from us. I got sent to the dean. I’ve gotten in trouble a few times in high school and college over stuff related to fantasies. But it never involved actually hurting anyone.

And so I take great pleasure in reading news stories about real rapes, and spend all day watching rape movies.

And then I found rape survivor forums, which was a great way for me to revel in the humiliations of REAL rape victims. It was heaven. I just love hearing how broken they are. I can’t imagine what it would be like to hear rape victims speak in real life.

I’m not bad to the girls I actually know. I mean I might try to humiliate or degrade them emotionally or verbally in real life, and then wait till I get home to think about the incident and escalate it in fantasy to physical abuse. Its not that I don’t have empathy. Its precisely because I can see it from the girl’s point of view that its such a turn on. But just to be clear my fantasies don’t stop me from being a gentleman in real life.

I admit I feel a little guilty about it since there are girls who I know as wonderful human beings, and yet in my mind I fantasize about doing such horrible things to hurt them. But just to be clear once more, it DOES NOT affect how I actually treat them.

I have no interest in BDSM, since the whole point for me is that the girl does not consent or enjoy it.

I get no arousal whatsoever from normal consensual porn. Can you really blame me for that? I don’t control what arouses me. And its not like I chose what to be turned on by at such a young age.

Just to be clear I have never actually hurt anyone and never would. Its all just fantasy. And even in my fantasies I don’t like very extreme stuff like snuff or mutilation. My limits are torture and brutal beatings.

Do you think its immoral to use rape victim forums as erotic literature?

Is this a serious problem? I’ve never actually hurt anyone.

I mean is rape really the worst thing in the world? Does it deserve to be treated as bad as murder? I mean from evolutionary psychology you can see just how normal rape is in the animal world, and most of human history. Are animals and cavemen evil? So while I understand that we’re at a time in history where its not ok to rape, when you realize just how recent it is in the eons of human and biological history, it seems natural that a lot of guys would still be turned on by rape.

I blame the internet, without it the only thing I would have is newspaper and hollywood. But there is just so much graphic material on the web. It throws oil onto the fire. I mean its just enriched and fueled and exploded my fantasies. Its all the internets fault.

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Answer by belladonna
Absolutely its immoral to use a survivors site. Find a site where you can meet like minded people only. Not sure if it’s wrong to fantasize about it, but defintely wrong to act on your fantasies unless consensual.

Oh and stop blaming others/internet for your emotions and feelings. People watch/see/hear about violence everyday and don’t act on it and don’t blame others. Your actions, your choice.

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