Potter’s end leaves Radcliffe in tears

Humidity and jet lag.
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This is me at this very moment, reporting from Hawaii, where the climate does strange things to my hair.

The rules, apparently, are: if you are one of the ten people tagged in this photo then you have to (or are encouraged to) upload a photo, include ten facts about yourself in the decsription, and then tag 10 more people in your photo, and so on, like a big cumbersome chain letter.

1. I broke my arm on a Razor scooter in seventh grade and now when I bend my wrist the bone pushes up against the skin like the chestburster in Alien. Ask me and I’ll show you; it’s lovely.

2. I’ve got something of an encyclopedic knowledge of movies, and I keep a list of every movie I’ve seen since July 2001.

3. For reasons I can’t explain, I’ve memorized the opening monologue to the movie Swordfish.

4. There’s nothing I hate more than feeling like a tourist.

5. I’ve been on the floor of the House of Representatives.

6. I drive a 2000 Prius with 185,000 miles on it, and it runs like brand new.

7. I will never buy an iPhone.

8. My favorite movie is In Bruges and I will recite quotes until we’re all ill.

9. I’ve registered a script with the Writers Guild of America.

10. I once stretched “The Aristocrats” joke to forty-five minutes while driving to L.A. I felt rather proud of that.

Potter’s end leaves Radcliffe in tears
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