OS X Lion (RAWR) – Worth It?!

A lot of people asked me to make this so here you go – we made it more fun including a bunch of interactive clips of Alli and me playing with the new Photo Booth effects (it was fun, you’ll see) haha My Google+ account I was talking about: gplus.to and my other stuff: skit show: youtube.com daily show: youtube.com twitter: twitter.com facebook: fb.com Links to the photo booth videos If the annotations don’t work: + Bug Out: youtu.be + Chipmunk: youtu.be + Frog: youtu.be + Alien Head: youtu.be + Twirling Nose: youtu.be + Blockhead: youtu.be + Dizzy Birds: youtu.be + Love Struck: youtu.be + Normal Boring Reality: youtu.be

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