Motion Tracking Tutorial: 3D Text [Boujou & C4D] – AcrezHD

In this tutorial i show you how to motion track 3D text into real life footage / game cinematic with life like shadows in the scene using Boujou (Motion Tacking Footage) and Cinema 4D (Compositing 3D text, Lighting, Shadows etc.) I also go over some of the problems you may run into when doing this kind of thing and do my best to address these issues so hopefully you will get the best possible result. Be sure to leave your feedback in the comments box below, and also if you found the tutorial helpful maybe rate the video as well, Thanks. Follow me on Twitter to keep to date with all the latest news, projects, tutorials, GFX packs and much more. Example Clip [Nuketown – 720p – 30fps] Download Link: – – – Programs Used: – After Effects (Render JPEG Sequence) – Boujou (Motion Track Footage) – Cinema 4D (Compositing 3D Text, Lighting, Real Life Shadows Etc.) Extra Tags: AcrezHD tutorials 3D Text Motion Tracking Tutorial MatchMaking Match Making Real Life Footage Compositing Boujou Tutorial Synth Eyes Phoe Cinema 4D Adobe After Effects CS3 CS4 CS5 AE AAE C4D FCP

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