Light It Up, Like Its Dynamite!

70+ Subscribers!! Thanks everyone!!^^ I was going to wait till i hit 75, but im just so happy i have 73 subs that i wanted to thank everyone!! 🙂 Been workin on this vid for a while. This song has a great beat to it so i really wanted to do a vid with it. -and i had a lot of caffine while making this. lol There were originally a lot of flashes in this, but half of them looked reeeeeally bad and seamed to mess up some of the effects, so i ended up takin a lot of them out. So i hope it still looks ok. lol. I was hoping to have had this finished last week, but of course with me, it didn’t happen. lol. I got 2 new puppies that distracted me!!!! They’re sooooooo cute! They’re Border Collie, males, from the same litter. One is partly deaf, which is the one we went to see in the first place, and then i totally fell in love with one, so i got one to!! I cant wait to start workin with him. Im going to do so much obedience and agility with him. -excited! The deaf one is my moms and his name in Angus, and my guys name is Kiba (yes, from wolf’s rain. lol) Song: Dynamite Artist: Tao Cruz Program Used: Windows Movie Maker DISCLAIMER: THIS VIDEO IS PURELY FAN BASED AND IS IN NO WAY ASSOCIATED WITH THE MUSICAL ARTIST OR ANIME COMPANY IN ANY WAY. I MAKE NO PROFIT FROM THIS VIDEO.

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