Jeff Weinstein’s Cultural Mixology

Jeff Weinstein’s Cultural Mixology
“I learned about cooking and flavor as a child.” Maybe I’m worried that it’s too easy, or dislike the part of me that’s a permanent boy, but I’ve become increasingly shy of drawing from the same family well to recount my early fascination with food.
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The Devil’s Double
Playing son of Saddam Hussein ‘powerful transformation’ for Dominic Cooper.

The New Nutrition Labels for Fast Food Menus: Who Will Read Them?
It’s no secret that we like eating out. Over the last 40 years, we’ve been doing it more and more. But when we get our meals outside the kitchen, it’s a lot harder to know what’s in them—and to determine the exact number of calories in that chicken Caesar salad, veggie burrito, or iced soy chai latte. The federal government hopes to address the food information gap by rolling out mandatory …
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