I’m 13.How can I stop these thoughts?

Question by Damn life is hard 🙁: I’m 13.How can I stop these thoughts?
Someone recently said to me that video games are meant to pass time.I have always registered games as social and solitary entertainment.
Even though it sounds stupid the person that said it to me blew my mind.
I now realize that everything is made to pass time before death.Even having a family,going on trips,watching movies,doing jobs…it’s all made to pass time so you don’t get bored while waiting for your death.
These thoughts are starting to disrupt my normal day activities.

I can’t enjoy anything anymore after that.I can’t enjoy video games,hanging out with friends,going out and everything else.

Nothing makes sense to me anymore.
I know this sounds stupid but I need to know how to stop these thoughts.

Could this be anxiety?

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Answer by venus11224
you need to go to a therapist. It could be anxiety or depression. Everyone eventually dies, but we do things we have to or enjoy in the meantime and don’t think about death. Talk to someone you trust, and hopefully they can help, it has to be an adult. If not, definitely go to therapy, before you get worse.

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