id Software – Doom 3 Team Keynote (2002)

this is a video of id software doom 3 team. Just tells you about making process and some more stuff. Sorry for the qulity. This is very hard to find video stuff so enjoy it as it is!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

The Craft Robo series is recommended to scrapbooking, pre-printed media and thick paper cutting because it have a strong blade and also the mark sensor for pre printed media (contour cut). I saw other videos with previously models of craft robo, and i could see that they don’t have ways to setup the blade weight using the software or the machine panel. It was complex to make vinyl stickers. However in this model (cc330-20) you can setup the blade weight using the software to cut adhesive vinyl or delicate media with precision. So, you have 2 machines in 1, A thick paper cutter (with laser mark sensor) and a plotter to make stickers to sign purposes. In this video the machine is cutting vinyl for sign purposes.

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