How To Use Camtasia Studio 6 -Tutorial

How To get started with The video editing Program, Camtasia Studio. Ill show you: how to zoom, add text, effects, trim video, add a watermark (image on the bottom of your video), & more. * You need a computer with a good amount of ram. ANY video editing software hogs up your ram, so you should always close ALL other windows when using camtasia. Get Camtasia: See How I Make Money-⇓ ➡ Sign up, & see how I make Easy Cash online. ►My Website- To make your videos HD, Watch my tutorial TO RECORD YOUR PC audio: You Right click on the volume button in the bottom right tray, the click “recording devices” Then right click in the white area, and click “show disabled devices” and choose the one that pops up, it will look like a computer chip card.
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