How to Softmod an Original Xbox, install XBMC, and install a bigger Hard Drive!

This is a tutorial video on how to softmod your original xbox, install XBMC as your main dashboard (also how to update XBMC), and install a bigger hard drive (no soldering required). How to Softmod your original xbox: 1. Softmod Installer Deluxe (SID) — This is the softmodding file that you’ll need to download and pair with a Splinter Cell Linux save file on your xbox memory card. The version used in this tutorial is SID 5.0. Just search google. You can add these files to your xbox memory card with an Action Replay Kit (program and cord that allows you to connect an xbox memory card to your computer). 2. Filezilla — a free FTP (file transfer protocol) program. This allows you to access your xbox hard drive (after it has been softmodded) via the Ethernet cord that is hooked up to the xbox between it and your home router. a. Host: IP address b. Username: xbox c. Password: xbox 3. Xboxhdm 1.9 — This is the version that was used during this video. This is a file collection where you will transfer your eeprom.bin, C:drive, and E: drive from your xbox (via an FTP program) to create an ISO of your original xbox. You will use this ISO to copy your original xbox’s hard drive onto a bigger hard drive. Note: these steps aren’t necessary if you plan on keeping your original 8gb hard drive in your xbox. 4. DVD Decrypter — the burning program I use to burn my xbox ISO onto a CD-R. 5. If you have trouble getting your older computer to boot up to the ISO, click on startup menu option

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